Starlight Piano Academy® 是 B.C. 省最好的音樂學校, 是您最明智的選擇。我們重視學習興趣, 技巧, 和正確方法。因材施教: 每個孩子的個性和學習情況不同, 為學生安排最適合的學習計畫。這是我們對教學品質的堅持。

Congratulations to Michelle Chen for achieving 100% in the Level 10 Exam held by the Royal Conservatory of Music. 


​​​​We are very proud of our students' achievements in the recent RCM Examinations: 

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Michelle Chen 100%     Cynthia Li 98%     Thomas Li 95%     Harold Yan 95% 

Jeffrey Tong 94%     Jessie Xiao 93%    Chantal Huang 91%    Jenny Guo 91%    

Fei Fei Shu 90%   June Hsu 86%    Sophia Wang 86%   Colonia Sophie Zhang 86%

Starlight Piano Academy® makes it our business to bring out the best in our students by making them realize their potential. Lessons are customized according to the personality and learning style of each student.

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