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"Having Ms. Chen as my teacher since the beginning has been such a wonderful journey. I was never one of the people to stick with one teacher for a long time but I have been with her from Rudiments to History 10.  She puts such time and effort in teaching and cares for each and one of her students so much, making sure they get the best marks and even the little things such as her positivity, how easy it is to communicate with her and making sure her students got home safe. She always made sure I understood the unit 100% before moving on, if I forget she has no problem going through it thoroughly again. Also, If I had any questions either while I'm studying at home or during class she responds to me right away and provides me with plenty of information to make sure my question was answered.

All these things makes Ms. Chen one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She encourages me constantly and uses different studying methods to see what suits me best. In December 2016, I took my History 10 exam. It took less than 5 months for me to learn and consume a textbook full of information, and yet, I’ve never received such a high score (100%) in any of exams before.  I honestly don’t think I would’ve gotten that mark if it weren’t for her.”   (Michelle, Age 15; 100% on RCM Exam) 

女兒 Michelle 在這次 RCM 樂理 10 級考試中, 取得滿分 100% 的好成績。在此我要真誠的感謝陳老師, 花費不少心思,  除了讓女兒做不少的練習題之外,  更加強複習可能的出題範圍。我的女兒也在老師的叮囑下,  非常用功準備,  且把握任何可以複習的時間。考前,  老師更幫她做最後衝刺,  也給她很好的心理建設,  讓她能更有自信的面對考試。另外,  我更要謝謝陳老師的細心與關懷,因為我們住在 Surrey,  考場在Burnaby, 考前老師還耽心著第二天的下雪天交通,  細心溫暖的替女兒做安排,  做為家長的我,  真的無以言語的表達我心中的感謝之情,  但卻銘記於心中。For your patience and caring, kind words, and sharing, I just want to say, "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"   家長,  Jennifer

I have been a theory student of Ms. Chen for many years, and have learned an uncountable number of different skills. She is a patient and kind teacher who makes every class fun and suited to the students learning needs. Recently I successfully took my History 9 exam, and I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without her. The large amounts of information we were required to memorize and the compositions we had to learn seemed extremely overwhelming to me at first; but Ms. Chen helped soothe my anxiety through her kind and understanding guidance. If I had a question, in or out of class, she would go out of her way to answer it. If I wanted more practice, she provided me with the materials needed to help me achieve the score I hoped to reach. I couldn’t ask for a more compassionate, dedicated and thoughtful teacher.  (Student, Cynthia, Age 14)

"My son, Andrew, started learning piano in China.  We moved to Vancouver last year and were looking for a piano teacher who can teach both in English and Chinese.  One of my friends introduced Ms. Chen to us.  Ms. Chen is extremely patient with students whom she did not teach from the beginning.  It's not easy at all.   Andrew has been taught not only the Western concept of piano technique, but also the culture and civilization involved.  Ms. Chen knows well how to motivate the students and develop their potential.  My son has a strong personality and also is reaching the teenage years.  He sometimes has a mind of his own.  Ms. Chen always shows respect and listens carefully to his thoughts, eventually figuring out a solution which helps Andrew improve without hurting his feelings.  Ms. Chen always encourages Andrew to attend different recitals and music festivals to let him get in touch with other local piano students and to build up his experience and confidence in performing music.  In summary, Andrew and I are both happy to have Ms. Chen as Andrew's teacher.  We highly recommend Ms. Chen to other parents and students."  Tiffany Q. 

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This mom shares her heartfelt experience watching her daughter excel...和大家分享一下學生家長寫的文章

"我女儿去年考完钢琴8级, 今年二月起在陳老师钢琴室继续学习。我喜欢陳老师与学生和家长的沟通方式, 以及她认真, 细腻的教学态度。 孩子下课后会自觉练习弹奏技巧, 尝试不同风格的曲目 。我很高兴看到女儿不仅仅为学琴而练琴, 重要的是她享受自己指尖下的琴声."     家長,  Maggie L.

" 做为一个全职妈妈,为儿子学钢琴事儿很是花费不少心思,找到一个合适的钢琴老师不是件容易的事儿!在换了三,四个老师后,经同事推荐,我儿子Andrew 很幸运开始跟陳老师学习钢琴至今。陳老师能够中英文教学,也能教乐理,在安排时间上也是尽最大能力满足我们要求,在教学过程中尽量鼓励,调动孩子的学习热闹情,我和 Andrew 都很喜欢陳老师。现在我儿子已通过7级钢琴考试,正在准备8级考试,同时学习音乐历史。  如果你正在为你的孩子寻找钢琴和乐理老师,就找陳老师吧!" ​   家長, Amanda C. 

"We are so pleased to have Ms. Chen as our children's music teacher.  She is patient, kind, and always supportive of their accomplishments.  Her positive teaching style is refreshing and our children look forward to their lesson time with her.  She inquires about the music they would like to play to keep them interested.  She has been professional and flexible.  It is our pleasure to recommend her as a music teacher."  Aremis L.

"I approached Starlight Music Academy because I heard that it is a very good music school.  It helped my daughter to like music more and introduced her to piano playing in a fun and enjoyable way.  My daughter likes the style of teaching.  I found that my daughter enjoys her piano lessons very much.  I would recommend Starlight Music Academy to people who are serious about learning high quality piano playing."   
R. Carlos

"As an advanced piano student, I think that it's important that I am comfortable communicating my ideas with my teacher.  I recently switched over to Ms. Chen (who is my third piano teacher), and, under her helpful feedback and encouraging smiles, I was able to adjust within a month or so.    Ms. Chen introduced a handful of new techniques to me, especially ones of relaxation.  The studio is nice and cozy and I feel very welcomed each time I come to class.   Ms.Chen is thorough and positive, and I feel respected when she is teaching.  She understands if i am tired or have had a busy week, and she is flexible, focusing on the things that I practiced during the week instead of spending time on lecturing on the things I hadn't practiced.  My class time is never wasted, since  helps me pick out the areas of my pieces that need the most work to practice in class.  Ms. Chen never makes me feel like i let her down.  I like how she allows me to bring in pieces that aren't assigned in class, which to me are my favorite pop songs.  I received the message from her that learning piano isn't just about getting the certificate for each level.  A new door is opened to express ourselves and also we can enjoy hearing the music that are, for example, played by ourselves."  Jenny G.